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3rd Local Living Lab in Poland focuses on Good Practices


On 6 November 2023, the 3rd meeting of the Local Living Lab - a regional stakeholder group focused on our GREENHEALTH project - took place at the headquarters of the Marshal's Office of the Podkarpackie Region in an hybrid format.

The meeting was attended by 39 people.

Ms Danuta Cichoń, Director of the Department of Regional Economy, opened the meeting and highlighted the project's objectives, whilst highlighting the key role played by the stakeholders with the greatest knowledge in this area.

The development of appropriate links between health and environmental policies and the inclusion of initiatives focused on human well-being in protected area programmes have a positive impact on improving the health of the population and the proper management of natural areas while respecting the environmental objectives of these spaces.

Mr Antoni Jeż - regional coordinator of the GREENHEALTH project - presented information on the project launching conference of the project, which took place on 6 October 2023, and on the last online meeting with project partners, which took place on 24 October.

The participants could also enjoy the first GREENHEALTH promotion video.

Another highlight of the meeting was the screening of a 10-minute film entitled: 'A Nature Trip through the Landscape Parks - the Solska Wilderness Landscape Park'. Films presenting the wealth of the Landscape Parks can also be seen on regional TV.

Ms Magdalena Radecka-Gibała from the Department of Environmental Protection introduced the second semester work-plan.

The second part of the meeting focused on the discussion of the good practices, to-date identified for sharing.

In this context Mr. Dariusz Kozik - Acting Director of the Landscape Parks Complex in Przemyśl - introduced their Walking rallies and Dr. Łukasz Lis  - Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection - introduced multiple activities taking place in the natural reserves in Podkarpackie that involve residents in actions to promote conservation through sport activities in the nature.

Representatives of the Dukla Municipality - Ms Krystyna Boczar-Różewicz and Ms Joanna Chłopecka - gave a presentation on the Dukla-Svidnik 360 project, which aimed to make the cross-border "Beskydy Museums" trail more attractive by making use of the cultural and natural heritage of border areas: Dukla and Svidnik. The effects of the project can be seen at: www.360.dukla.pl.

The final part of the meeting was a discussion on the identification of new good practices,

These good practices must fall within the following 3 thematic areas covered by the project:

1)    transversal incorporation of health/wellbeing in the management of protected areas, including also the use of technologies and the capacity building of protected area managers and other staff
2)    stakeholders’ coordination, including the creation of networks to enable collaboration at strategic and operational levels between health, environment and other stakeholders as well as investments in green infrastructures, including public spaces to promote human wellbeing
3)    “sustainable inclusivity” , this concept refers to ensuring that all citizens can enjoy protected areas (PAs) and benefit from the ecosystem services they provide, but without compromising the long-term conservation of their natural values. It includes aspects such as widening the target of the population who visit PAs, ensuring accessibility regardless of the people's health condition and economic situation, and estimating PAs’ carrying capacity.

Good practice
Protected areas