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3rd LLL in Slovakia : good practices & "live" demonstrations


On the 25 of October 2023, at 16.00 our Third Local Living Lab in Slovakia kicked off. The event was well attended and counted 19 participants, who were invited to partake an exciting programme in the premises of the newly built educational centre of the astronomical observatory and the planetarium in Kolonica.

At the beginning of the meeting, Jana Szidorová and Soňa Kožárová welcomed all participants, who were introduced to the forest therapist Berta Stašková from Forest pedagogy NGO.

The participants were guided through a practical demonstration of forest therapy. Due to the bad weather, the group moved the therapy from the exterior to the interior.

Berta Stašková introduced the main concepts of forest therapy and her work, before engaging the participants in a session under the influence of pleasant music, forest sounds and forest scents. After the demonstration, there was a discussion and evaluation of the therapy from the point of view of the individual participants.

The practical demonstration was followed by a brief information on the ongoing and upcoming project activities, including the imminent Inter-Regional Learning Event in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was also the chance to discuss the individual proposals of good practice examples from the Presov region, and to introduce NP Poloniny activity plan, which have also started thanks to the GREENHEALTH project.

Next, the participants moved from the premises of the educational center to the premises of the planetarium within the premises of the Astronomical Observatory in Kolonica, where a lecture was held together with a demonstration of the starry night sky. The effects of dark skies and limiting light pollution on human health and sleep were explained through a very engaging demonstration.

After the end of the official part of the programme, participants moved to the premises of the tourist hostel for an informal dinner, where further discussion and networking took place.

The event was concluded after a wrap-up and the participants were invited to the GREENHEALTH regional launching conference, which was held the next day in the manor house in Snina.


Good practice
Light pollution