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Regional Stakeholder Meeting #3 at Province of Fryslân

By Project GOCORE

On the 21stof March 2024 the Province of Fryslân hosted the third Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) Meeting for GOCORE. The meeting was attended by 10 members of the Stakeholder Group and led to a fruitful discussion.

During this session the RSG was brought up to speed on the developments of GOCORE in recent months. An elaborate presentation on the Pressure Cooker in Coimbra was given, and the coming months were discussed in which among others the upcoming pressure cookers in Denmark and Hungary were mentioned. The RSG was invited to deliver experts for the peer review session in Denmark in June.

After the presentation a constructive discussion formed about the role of the RSG and what has been done with the feedback given by them during previous meetings. The RSG stated they would like to meet more frequently and go into deeper detail of the good practices of the partners.

All in all, it was a constructive day, gaining insight into the coming months and receiving useful feedback from all attendees.

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