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Regional Stakeholder Meeting #2 Hajdú-Bihar County Governm.

By Project GOCORE

Digitalisation, climate adaptation, community building - GOCORE project enters a new phase

At the expert meeting on 5 December 2023, participants analysed the range of problems in the county and presented examples of good and bad practices in their own fields of expertise that have been identified in terms of strengthening community resilience.

In discussing the focus themes of the GOCORE project - digitalisation, climate adaptation, community building - it was agreed that the most effective way to support the development of the county is to showcase and apply international good practices in climate adaptation, while the good practices to be presented from the county side are the results of the DelFin project (online toolkit, mentoring activities), the EUREGA and Local Food Chains projects aimed at strengthening short supply chains, the training of climate advisors at the University of Debrecen, and the initiatives of the Hajdú-Bihar County Chamber of Architects.

 Reflecting the main gaps in the county, the first focus will be on the organisation of free professional counselling, the development of e- learning educational materials, the strengthening of CSR activities of SMEs in rural areas, but also on the further strengthening of links between social enterprises and public institutions active in the county.

The formulation of concrete activities is planned in the coming months, actively building on international good practices and solutions identified and to be presented in the near future.