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Regional Stakeholder meeting #2 CIM-RC

By Project GOCORE
2nd RSM - Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra

On January 23rd, 2024, took place, in a hybrid format, the second Regional Stakeholders Group (RSG) meeting of the Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra. This meeting was attended by some of the most relevant stakeholders for decision-making regarding the Integrated Territorial-Based Intervention (IIBT) of Pinhal Interior.

During the opening it was presented the Pressure Cooker events structure and objectives as well as the methodology to be used in the Peer Review session, highlighting the importance of the role of each stakeholder in the process.

The host - the Intermunicipal Community of COIMBRA REGION, made a presentation on the region policy challenge and the state of art of Pinhal Interior, with emphases on the main sectorial challenges of the territory (demographic, territorial, social and economic) and the wild forest fires of 2017. Also, a brief presentation was made about the policy instrument under analysis (OP Centro 2030) and the managing authority responsible for the latest one (CCDRC, IP).

The participants were presented with the questions to be answered by their peers during the Peer Review, as well as the main topics in need of improvement.

The main objective of the 2nd RSG meeting of CIM-RC was to give an update on the GOCORE project and, at the same time, serve as a preliminary/preparatory meeting for the Peer Review session of the 2nd Pressure Cooker of which Coimbra Region is the host.

The meeting concluded that the focus of the Peer Review discussion would be essentially on the revision of the governance model of the IIBT of Pinhal Interior and the respective participatory involvement of the community in it.

Each entity represented at this meeting plays an important role in involving their communities as active partners in the improvement of the policy challenge of Pinhal Interior. For that reason, it is with great expectations that this working group seek to participate in the Peer Review session and, subsequently, seek to know and learn more from the opinions of the experts/peers of the Peer Review regarding the governance model of IIBT of Pinhal Interior.

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Peer review
Regional policy