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Partnershiping with other projects: GOCORE meets Speak Up

By Project GOCORE
Richt Sterk, project manager, presenting GOCORE to Speak Up

The project manager of GOCORE, Richt Sterk, and intern Hawa Hussein presented the Gocore project to Speak Up, a newly approved Interreg North Sea Project.

The project had its kickoff meeting in the city of Groningen. We enthusiastically shared the project's purpose and goals, showcasing impactful best practices gathered by our partnership. We also explored how we can exchange knowledge between the two projects and how we can learn from each other. We believe there is much to share and discuss between the two projects focusing on community engagement.

#GOCORE #InterregEurope #governance #resilientcommunities #ruralregions #empowercommunities

🔗 https://www.interregeurope.eu/gocore
🔗 https://www.interregnorthsea.eu/speak-up