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First GIFT Regional Stakeholder meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

By Project GIFT

The first Regional Stakeholder meeting of the Green Infrastructure for Forest and Trees (GIFT) project was held in Zagreb, Croatia, on August 23, 2023. The following project partners took part in the meeting: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (MRRFEU), Croatian Forests Ltd. (Hrvatske šume d.o.o.), Development Agency Zagreb and City of Zagreb.

A representative of the City of Zagreb made a presentation with a brief overview of the GIFT project (who are the partners, purpose, objectives and future results of the project). The meeting was also an opportunity to create synergies and discuss certain issues related to the project such as:

  • the setting of dates for future project events;
  • the key aspects for the identification of relevant stakeholders in participation in future peer reviews and international meetings;
  • ensuring their commitment to project improvements and strengthening their capacity to build support and legitimacy for the policy instrument;
  • the presentation of key issues related to visibility and communication;
  • and other aspects.

The Croatian project partners and stakeholders will continue to work together on the exchange of experiences, the identification of needs and the implementation of best practices to achieve the objectives of project GIFT.

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