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Hungary | Rethinking energy self-supply in Hajdú-Bihar

By Project EXPRESS
First stakeholder meeting in Hungary

The stakeholder meeting brought together a diverse group of participants, including county municipalities, energy experts, university researchers, urban planning professionals, and NGOs. Several key topics were addressed during the discussion.

Firstly, participants explored the existence of energy communities within the county and identified potential municipalities that might unknowingly be self-sufficient or lacking official recognition under the current regulations. Obstacles hindering the establishment of energy communities in Hungary were also discussed.

Specific examples were provided, such as Létavértes, where 12 buildings are heated using geothermal energy, reflecting the chosen topic for the upcoming study visit. The need for trust and leadership within community formations, the search for cooperative models, and the cultivation of a collaborative culture were discussed as crucial factors for people to come together effectively.

The discussion touched upon innovative solutions as well as the financing aspect of energy communities. The next stakeholder meeting will tentatively take place in October 2023.