Project good practices

EcoEnlight - Telemanagement of public lighting systems

Summary: Use of efficient control and command equipment based on information and communication technologies (ICT) for an optimized management of public lighting system.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Almada’s Climate Fund

Summary: “Almada Less Carbon Climate Fund” aimed at reducing Almada’s carbon footprint by financing energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Pilot Experience in Social Housing: Intelligent Monitoring of...

Summary: Development and demonstration of energy efficient innovative technologies and solutions for retrofitting and performance monitoring of residential buildings.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Smart Water Santander

Summary: This project aims at an efficient management of the integral water cycle in which, in addition, the citizen has an active participation in the service provision

Location: Cantabria,

Santander: Towards the Smart City paradigm

Summary: Santander is fostering a smart, innovative and open to society city model, in order to offer more efficient urban services through the use of new technologies.

Location: Cantabria,

WIN-IPT - Wales Ireland Network for Innovative Photovoltaic...

Summary: WIN-IPT focused on the fabrication/application of 3rd generation PV minimising the energy consumed and the CO2 produced in the fabrication of solar technologies

Location: Southern and Eastern, Ireland (Éire)

Citizens, owners of solar panels in selfconsumption

Summary: Facing a dedicated and fixed budget, the municipality of Lorient found another way to develop renewable energies thanks to people’s financing.

Location: Bretagne,

Energy performance contracting for public street lighting system

Summary: Energy refurbishment of street lighting using the EPC system where investment is paid by future savings and street lighting and managed by ESCO.

Location: Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Local Energy Manager (LEM) studies

Summary: Postgraduate studies on effective energy management and promotion of proekological perspectives - local energy manager (LEM)

Location: Mazowieckie,

EINSTEIN project

Summary: Project involves the installation of renewable energy acquisition and utilization equipment in a full-year cycle

Location: Mazowieckie,

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