Project News

25 FabLabs to support digital innovation


The network allows businesses to be more creative, innovative and inventive and...

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Increasing knowledge on FabLabs & Makerspaces


Partners discuss their Fablab/Makerspace experiences in an INTERREG online...

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Inspiration from Switzerland continues... (2/2)


Discover the innovation policy of the Canton of Bern and the innovation coaching...

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Get inspired by Switzerland! (1/2)


We took a virtual visit wit our Swiss partners who are spreading Industry 4.0...

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Virtual study visits to share success!


Portuguese partners and stakeholders showcase successful local examples to...

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DIGITAL REGIONS meets Hof University!


Our German project partners have organised a virtual study visit to share their...

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A study to improve regional policies


Study shows need for policy change for Manufacturing to grasp the potential of...

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Industry 4.0 technologies: support to SMEs


ERNACT organises a regional stakeholder meeting in the North West of Ireland to...

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Research Equipment Investment for WiSAR


Enterprise Ireland will fund an 8-axis high precision scanning arm to assist the...

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“IT as a Business Enabler”


Learn more about the IT Forum 2020 at the Institute for Information Systems, Hof...

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Regional stakeholders join the project!


DIGITAL REGIONS project partners have started organising their first regional...

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Interreg Europe organises seminars for lead partners


ERNACT, on behalf of DIGITAL REGIONS partnership, has attended the 3-day event...

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