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2022: inspired by good practices & plans for RAPs


DIGITAL REGIONS partners from University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Hof...

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"Industry 4.0 is doing a lot towards green growth"


ERNACT lead partner participates in Interreg Europe's 'Europe, let's cooperate!'...

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A revolutionary scanning device for manufacturing


Manufacturing boost for the North-West of Ireland as Letterkenny Institute of...

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Understanding and awareness of Industry 4.0


"Unless businesses adapt using industry 4.0 technologies to become more...

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I4.0 initiatives from the region of Cantabria


Lessons about policy measures for stimulating the participation of SMEs in...

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Lessons on skills development in Industry 4.0


Experts from Romania and Ireland share some good practices with the DIGITAL...

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Digital transformation, Industry 4.0 & SMEs


Slovenian partners about the importance of Industry 4.0 and digital...

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"SMEs have a lack of knowledge & awareness for I4.0"


DIGITAL REGIONS partners from Switzerland share their thoughts on different...

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"Other project partners have similar issues"


"The stakeholder meetings have been so productive & helpful, that we are...

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"All the presented good practices are inspiration"


Our partners from University of Ljubljana talk about the exchange of experience...

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Stakeholders: "proving to be of crucial importance"


Partners from Portugal about the need of the project, knowledge share and...

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25 FabLabs to support digital innovation


The network allows businesses to be more creative, innovative and inventive and...

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