Delta Lady partners organised the 5th Interregional Learning Event and Partner Meeting online on the 8th and 9th September, 2020. The 2-day Event was planned in Tulcea, Romania, but travel restrictions due to Covid-19 prevented partners to travel to Romania. Consequently, there was no possibility to visit the Danube Delta. The focus of the meeting was on action plans and sustainable business models. 18 participants attended the online meeting.

On the first day, September 8, partners presented their progress related to the regional action plans aimed at improving delivery of ecosystem services in participating delta region, based on the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage.  The second day, September 9, was dedicated to the experts' presentations on sustainable business models in deltas, and to the Steering Group meeting. Partner from Romania  presented sustainable tourism activities in the Danube Delta, a combination of different activities, cycling, kayaking and sailing combined with accommodation and catering as well as bird watching, photography, among others. Moreover, Dutch expert on sustainable innovations presented the methodology of Innovative Business Model in the Delta environments. Business opportunities in deltas related to the issues mentioned by project partners and stakeholders and observed during the study tours in the participating deltas were illustrated by the expert. The meeting was finalized by the Steering Group discussion on further management and communication/dissemination activities of the project, on scientific outputs and project indicators. The next partner meeting is planned in the beginning of the next year in the Dutch Province of Friesland.