Project good practices

The BRIDE Project (Biodiversity Regeneration in a Dairying...

Summary: The BRIDE Project is an innovative agri-environmental project that adopts a results-based payment approach to conserving, enhancing and restoring biodiversity.

Location: Southern and Eastern, Ireland (Éire)

Local Authorities Water Programme (LAWPRO)

Summary: LAWPRO is a service to develop integrated river basin management plans that deliver for local stakeholders.

Location: Southern and Eastern, Ireland (Éire)

Rice of Albufera

Summary: Example of promotion of a quality brand of rice that develops different business activities related to the cultural and natural values of l'Albufera.

Location: Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)

Hunting for wildlife conservation in the river Po Delta

Summary: Hunting in the Po river Delta Park is regulated by hunting permits and the related incomes are reinvested in wildlife and habitat conservation

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)

Extensive Fishing in Comacchio lagoon

Summary: Reinvestment of revenues from traditional fishing activities into habitat/species conservation: the case of Po river Delta Park fishing in Comacchio lagoon

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)

Tancat de la Pipa

Summary: Public management of a protected area; includes training activities, visits and acts as an interpretation centre of the Albufera Natural Park

Location: Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)

Asociación de Guías de Birding de la Comunitat Valenciana

Summary: Union of companies linked to nature and ornithological tourism that carry out a large part of their activity in the Natural Park of l'Albufera.

Location: Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)

Identification of agroecological practices and organization of...

Summary: Good practices promoted aims at reducing polution, and preserving ground functions, without additional financial cost for the farmers.

Location: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Contrat de Delta Camargue

Summary: The Delta Contract is a 2x3 years actions program for a balanced and sustainable management of water and aquatic environments. Now in its second phase 2016-2019

Location: Other, Afghanistan

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