Managing Authority Office, CRE:HUB lead partner, is responsible for programming and implementation of ERDF operational programmes Basilicata 2007/2013 and 2014/2020, and coordinated activities related to the preparation of the Smart Specialization Strategy.

Basilicata Region has identified CCIs as a productive segment with high potential for regional economy, inserting CCIs among the specialization areas in RIS3.

In ERDF OP Basilicata 2014-2020, CCI SMEs may benefit from the following interventions: a) support for the development of products and services in order to exploit identified cultural and natural attractors, among others, through the integration between companies belonging to the cultural, tourist, creative and performing arts and of the traditional and typical product chains; b) measures of support to the establishment of new business both through direct incentives, services, and microfinance.

The office will work in partnership with Sviluppo Basilicata s.p.a, in-house company of the Basilicata Region, specialized in orientation, promotion, and business culture, which manages a business incubator for cultural and creative industries in Matera and which has gained a good experience in the implementation and management of European projects.


Basilicata Region considers CCIs among those sectors driving the local economic development. For this reason, in RIS3 the harmonious development of this system components is promoted: creative industry for tourism, creative industry and design; creative industries for service industries. In recent years, several initiatives in support of the CCIs have been activate and the OP aims to further support the sector by: avoiding the fragmentation of businesses; encouraging bussiness cooperation and cooperation between SMEs and research centers; providing support services and ICT; encouraging the use of shared open data; promoting cultural heritage; supporting technological innovation related to design, ergonomics and quality of crafts.

Basilicata Region will benefit from the cooperation by identifying best practices, new methodologies, and innovative systems for CCI support. These results will contribute to more innovative and effective forms of implementation of the measures provided for CC sector by ERDF OP.

CRE:HUB Basilicata Region TEAM:    

Antonio Bernardo Managing Authority of ERDF OP Basilicata 2014-2020 and expert in programming and management of European funds. He is the CRE:HUB project manager and is responsible for the overall coordination of the project, the connection among different levels of management and the correct implementation of the workplan.

Viviana Viggiano Project officer will support the team throughout administrative activities related to the project.

Maria Rosaria Picciano, Communication manager for CRE:HUB project will support the Basilicata Region in management of communication tools and media relations.

Paola Pinto, senior consultant and expert in programming and management of European funds, she will support the project manager and the Basilicata team in all technical and administrative activities.

Maria Giovanna Lecce: Project expert with an extensive experience in management of EU cooperation projects, is the Financial Manager of Cre:Hub, will also support the team in progress and financial reports, in the SWOT analysis of the cultural and creative industries sector, in the drawing up of the operational roadmap and action plan, in the organization of workshops and study visits.

Patrizia Orofino: Project Manager, specialized in smes’ internationalization and in transnational cooperation programs and Manager of the Business Incubator of Matera, will support the team in the SWOT analysis of the cultural and creative industries sector, in the design of the roadmap and methodological guidelines assessment, in the action plan production, in the implementation of the common monitoring system, and in the organization of the regional workshops with stakeholders group and study visits.