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CRE:HUB State of Art Joint Report


The ‘state of art’ of the creative and cultural industries on the CreHub target...

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CRE:HUB VII study visit Lisbon on July 3rd and 4th.


The seventh and last CRE:HUB’s study visit was held in Lisbon on July 3rd and...

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Seventh study visit, 3rd and 4th July in Lisbon


Next July 3rd and 4th, the seventh study visit of the CRE:HUB Project financed...

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Workshop with policy makers Ljubljana - 18th May


Presentation of measures to strengthen the cultural and creative sector

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Measures to strengthen the CCI sector


The cultural and creative sectors (CCS) perform well in terms of growth, jobs...

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CRE:HUB stakeholders’ working group in Basilicata


On 3rd of May, Basilicata Region had its third stakeholders’ group meeting for...

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Stakeholder Meeting in Navarre


On 10th April 2018, stakeholders met in Navarre to share their experiences.

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CRE:HUB Stakeholders workshop in Slovenia


The 16th March 2018, the stakeholders met in Ljubljana to discuss on possible...

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LIAA Creative Industries Incubator


Best practice in ICC sector from Latvia

Type: Project

Indirect cultural policy


Best practice from Navarre Region - Spain

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Sixth study visit, 27th and 28th March Romania


Next March 27th and 28th the CRE:HUB steering committee and the sixth study...

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LX Factory


Best practice in CCI sector from Lisbon Metropolitan Region

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