The Compete In project is about to enter a new exciting phase. After the Study visit program held in 2017, the Project Partners have now the chance to select 2 of the 21 Good Practices presented to organize Transfer Workshops and proceed in the exchange of experiences via a peer to peer dialogue.

Each Partner develops and implements a Transfer Workshop on its territory with the Good Practice provider in order to ensure a thorough understanding and engagement with the “nuts and bolts” of the GP and to concretely discuss, in each context, the ways of acquiring and adapting the GP in each territory. The workshop allows for a direct discussion with the “experts” from the provider region (actors involved in the GP and entities responsible for it) and the Local Stakeholder Group at local level. The transfer workshops will be preparatory to a proper elaboration of the Local Action Plan.

How does it work?

Each Partner selects 2 Good Practices and/or specific aspects in accordance with its LSG, identifying added values and transferability potential for each GP. Each Partner has to select the specific issues and contents that it want to consider further and it might want to implement and share them with the GP providing Partner. Therefore, each Partner performs internal briefing with key stakeholders and actors involved in the possible implementation the GP chosen for the Transfer workshops, discussing weaknesses, and specific and in depth issues that are going to be the focus of the transfer workshop.

To allow a fruitful exchange of experiences, each Partner and its Local Stakeholder Group should also prepare a background briefing for the GP providing Partner, who needs to have a clear picture of current situation, key issues, opportunities, problems, main goals and scopes of the territory of the “importing” Partner.

Both Partners involved in the Transfer Workshop agree on date, format (public, on invitation, round-table meeting, peer to peer interviews, site-visits to actors or places interested by transfer of GP, open discussion, etc.) and agenda.

The Transfer Workshops will take place in two rounds between mid-April and mid-June. A report will be issued at the end of each Transfer Workshop, highlighting the issues tackled and the policy to be improved, objectives of the transfer, actors involved, Critical Success Factors, results/expected results.

During the Transfer workshops, Partners will document with articles, pictures, videos and social networking campaign the ongoing of the TW, on Compete In social profiles and Interreg Compete in Website.

So stay tuned!