Project News

Regional Export Platform in Mysłowice, Poland


On 3rd March 2020 in the seat of Chamber of Commerce Exporters and Importers in...

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1st LSG monitoring meeting in Katowice, Poland


On the 16th December 2019, 8 regional institutions acting for support for SMEs...

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Compete In Newsletter No 5


Compete In newsletter no5 published!

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Internationalisation Enabling Factors Report


Internationalisation Enabling Factors Report - how to successfully embed...

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COMPETE IN - International Best Practice Review


Discover this analysis, delivered by Leeds Beckett University, that consider 10...

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Compete In at the ERWC in Brussels


During the European Week of Regions and Cities 2018, 6 Partners, each involved...

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Next step of the Project - Local Action Plans


The transfer workshops have been completed, and now it's time for the next step...

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Wielpolska Transfer Workshop on XPANDE and SICOMEX


The workshop tackled Spanish instruments reflecting Wielkopolska’s ERDF Regional...

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Conference on TRIIP between Wielpolska and FPX


Transfer Workshop on The Regional Innovation Internalization Project from...

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Reggio Emilia and IVACE works to improve start-ups


Reggio Emilia hosted transfer workshop on Vit Emprende to improve the ecosystem...

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Successful Transfer Workshops in Gävle


Gävle has had two successful transfer workshops during the summer of 2018.

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IVACE works with ERGO for internationalisation


Valencia works with Emilia Romagna Go Global Strategy ERGO in order to target...

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