Project good practices

Biogas Heat Thermal Station.

Summary: Public assets used for low carbon energy

Location: Югоизточен, Bulgaria (България)

Community Energy England

Summary: Umbrella organisation for community energy support and advice

Location: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


Summary: sustainable mobility cooperative in Valencia Region

Location: Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)

Regional Energy Agency for Citizens

Summary: Regional Energy Agencies (EAs) in state of Baden-Württemberg have the expertise and specific knowledge about the local and regional situation.

Location: Freiburg, Germany (Deutschland)

Specialist Sector Support UK

Summary: A partnership of community energy support networks

Location: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Biobriquette in Told, Hungary

Summary: Community Production of bio-briquettes in deprived localities

Location: Észak-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)

Major retrofit of residential blocks

Summary: new approaches to retrofitting old multi resident blocks

Location: Sud - Muntenia, Romania (România)

Ploiesti – public-private heat network serving

Summary: Modernisation of existing heat network

Location: Sud - Muntenia, Romania (România)

business cooperation for development of sustainable business...

Summary: A collaboration between Students and business

Location: Sud - Muntenia, Romania (România)

Energy Efficiency Measures in Municipality of Bratsigovo trough...

Summary: Municipality investment in public buildings

Location: Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)

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