“Business Model Innovation and Competence Mapping – the themes addressed by the CLUSTERIX2.0 partnership during a workshop and study visit at NOI Techpark”

Source of the photo: noi.bz.it/en

The Challenge 

Companies always try to build up a competitive advantage over - and stand out positively from - their competitors based on their strategy. Traditionally, to achieve this objective, companies rely on innovative products, better service or optimized processes that lead to lower costs. However, the business model innovations as a (part of the) strategy are not about inventing new products or making existing business models better or more efficient, but rather about reflecting on the business model and changing it. The business model innovations help companies to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Best methods to strengthen Business Innovation Capabilities of SME’s

Within the former Interreg Europe Project “Clusterix” the competencemapping© method has been identified as one of the best ways for supporting the growth and business development of SMEs. The competencemapping© method - developed by IMG (Innovation Management Group) together with ecoplus – the Business Agency of Lower Austria - includes a clearly structured and well-documented procedure. The goal: identification, description and illustration of business skills (EXPERTISE) and the systematic search for new applications and future markets beyond the core business (INNOVATION POTENTIAL / CROSS INNOVATION). Having being convinced of the effectiveness of the method, IDM Südtirol started in 2015 its own competence mapping programme for SMEs.

The Aim of the Workshop

The CLUSTERIX2.0 project approach is to set-up and implement the right framework for exchanging own experiences and learning between the partners in order to enhance knowledge to be applied practice and improve the regional policy implementation. The aim of the 2-day workshop is to show how clusters/ecosystems and regional development agencies can build up the innovation service Business Model Innovation based on a special methodology and how small and medium-sized enterprises can be attracted to participate in such a programme.

The visit will start on 9 October from 2 p.m. with a detailed tour of the new NOI Techpark in Bolzano. Laboratories, service centers and the general infrastructure will beopened for the participants. After the NOI Techpark Tour, the two-day workshop on Business Innovation Services for SME's will begin - with the introduction on how and what kind of Innovation Services IDM South Tyrol / NOI Techpark is providing for companies: Business Innovation / competence mapping / KAIROS / Job to be done. Following this introduction, Manfred Peritsch – the expert behind the competencemapping© method will give an introduction to “business innovation and the method of competence mapping”.

On 10 – 11 of October the in-depth workshop “business innovation and method competence mapping” will address the following topics: How to analyse business models? How to analyse competencies, resources and skills? How to analyse/consider the future “factors”? The participants will discuss as well about how to prepare such analysis workshops, how to do research to identify innovation and business development potentials and as well, just as important, about how to prepare and communicate the results of the workshops.

Working Group (WG) Innovation Services for SMEs

Lead: IDM South Tyrol