Project good practices

Development of RIS3 domain "3D Printing"

Summary: The role of clusters in developing and implementing RIS3 domains at the example of 3D Printing in Lower Austria.

Location: Niederösterreich, Austria (Österreich)

Innovation Audits

Summary: Assessing innovation and internationalisation capabilities for clusters and cluster SMEs members.

Location: Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)

Integrated Cluster Services

Summary: Enhancing innovation and internationalisation capabilities for clusters and cluster SMEs members

Location: Bucureşti - Ilfov, Romania (România)

“Academic sourcing”: Aligning Regional Research Programmes with...

Summary: Innovative method for call for projects, to increase the research efforts in the region’s S3 domains and the scientific impact on the territory.

Location: Auvergne, France

NextStep Startup Program - Using regional innovation ecosystems...

Summary: The Sony NextStep Startup Program is a method created to support people made redundant to run their own startup as a next step in their careers.

Location: Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)

Enterprise 4.0

Summary: The collaborative R&I project “Enterprise 4.0” connects researchers and companies in order to help them proceed on their path of digital transformation.

Location: Burgenland AT, Austria (Österreich)

"Under Construction": accelerate sustainable innovation in the...

Summary: "Under Construction" is a method to facilitate technology transfer and innovation, building a bridge between Research and business.

Location: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen, Italy (Italia)

Business Innovation Services for SMEs

Summary: Tools to help companies developing new business models based on their existing core competencies.

Location: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen, Italy (Italia)

Flanders Cluster Program - Cluster pacts

Summary: Cluster Pacts: tool used in the Flanders Cluster Programme for Spearhead Clusters to involve different policy domains to contribute to increased competitiveness

Location: Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium (Belgique-België)

RIS3 support for Lagging Regions – Pilot Programme with Joint...

Summary: Support for elaboration, implementation, monitoring and governance of regional smart specialization strategies in lagging regions of Europe (8 pilot regions)

Location: Nord-Est, Romania (România)

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