The European Energy Performance in Buildings Directive defines the increase of Energy Efficiency (EE) in public buildings as an important milestone for the achievement of the European energy savings and climate protection targets. In order to facilitate and finance EE improvements in public buildings, the EU promotes the concept of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). In an EPC arrangement, the Energy Service Company (ESCo) is responsible for optimizing building services systems and system operations in existing buildings across all branches of construction and maintenance. The main service provided by the ESCo is a guaranteed level of savings over a defined period of time.

EnPC-INTRANS project

The specific objective of the EnPC-INTRANS project is to develop local capacities of the public sector at the level of municipalities to set-up and use EnPC models for the financing of their investments in EE improvements of public municipalities and services.

In due course of project implementation, more than 5,700 experts and decision makers on the demand side of the market for EPC in public buildings were reached and enabled as well as encouraged to make use of EPC business models for EE improvements in public buildings. EnPC-INTRANS information and training materials are available for free to download from the project website in 10 different languages.  

Results achieved

A group of 51 trainers were trained to provide information and training on EPC in public buildings to target groups. They reached more than 3,500 stakeholders and experts. The trainees applied their newly acquired information and know-how in a number of new EPC projects triggering new EE investments in the total amount of at least €129 million and total energy savings of at least 87 GWh/year. One-third of these projects are already contracted, the others are in the tender preparation stage. 

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