Project News

Working together to increase energy efficiency


The COVID-19 pandemic does not stop CLEAN project partners on achieving the goal...

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A successful online meeting with all CLEAN partners


Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the 6th steering group meeting of CLEAN...

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Modernization of Public Lighting in Iași City


This improvement in distribution of public lighting supports energy efficiency...

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Raising awareness on energy saving


Regional Council of North Karelia have participated in the national Energy...

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Improve energy performance & reduce energy poverty


CLEAN project partner Florian Guillotte presented the Positive Energy Families...

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Improving Energy Efficiency for Families & Commerce


Fomento San Sebastian seeks to increase energy efficiency and sustainability...

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Improving Energy Efficiency in Hospitals


ANEA will help to reduce energy consumption in hospitals, installing a Solar PV...

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Improving energy efficiency in schools


Region Västernorrland will reduce energy consumption in the schools of...

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Competing for energy saving


RASR will challenge families in Savinjska region to participate in an energy...

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A practical site to train on energy efficiency


SCIC 7 Vents will provide a pedagogical apartment to raise awareness on energy...

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Cycling along the Lassithi Plateau


Region of Crete will reduce transport CO2 emissions by providing electric...

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Shift towards a low-carbon economy


Lead partner ERNACT have published their Interreg Europe funded CLEAN Regional...

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