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Sustainable reduction of energy consumption and CO2


The main output of the Regional Action Plan in Romania will be the two new...

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Learnings from Slovenia, Basque Country & Sweden


Normandy chooses to adapt actions that were not already existing in the region...

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Energy efficient hospitals in Campania


Within CLEAN project, an integration of Regional Resolution has been made with...

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A good practice from the Basque Country to Greece


Greek partners will enhance the transition to a nearly zero district deploying...

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Finland replicates practices from Slovenia & Italy


A good practice from Savinjska region (Slovenia) and another one from Naples...

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3 good practices to be transferred to Savinjska


Slovenian partners talk about their Regional Action Plan, focused on the use of...

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SMART Public Lighting in the City of San Sebastian


Interreg Europe highlights that Fomento San Sebastian is eligible for additional...

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On the road to more efficient school buildings!


If the proposal is approved, CLEAN French partners will complete the testing of...

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7 Vents presents the Regional Action Plan Normandy


CLEAN's regional action plan in Normandy was presented by our project partner...

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"Derry City Council can be a strategic influencer"


One of the Irish stakeholders in Northern Ireland tells us more about how is he...

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Moving beyond NZEB-requirements


Peter Albrecht project stakeholder talks about the great occasions that CLEAN...

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"We are benefiting through continuous learning"


Read the opinions of a Swedish stakeholder who expects to "get more tips on how...

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