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A practical site to train on energy efficiency


SCIC 7 Vents will provide a pedagogical apartment to raise awareness on energy...

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Cycling along the Lassithi Plateau


Region of Crete will reduce transport CO2 emissions by providing electric...

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Shift towards a low-carbon economy


Lead partner ERNACT have published their Interreg Europe funded CLEAN Regional...

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North Karelia has gained HINKU Region status


The Finnish Environment Institute has awarded North Karelia with a HINKU Carbon...

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CLEAN partners closer to achieving their goals


Interreg Europe highlighted that CLEAN partners were eligible for additional...

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Additional funds for ERNACT Open Data Energy action


Interreg Europe highlighted that ERNACT was eligible for additional funding that...

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Towards to a NetZero Energy System


This Regional Action Plan will allow a more rapid implementation of energy...

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Increasing renewable energy in public buildings


The Västernorrland Regional Action Plan will contribute to following projects...

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Transforming into a Sustainable Smart City


In Fomento San Sebastian are aiming to transform Donostia/San Sebatian in a...

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Sustainable reduction of energy consumption and CO2


The main output of the Regional Action Plan in Romania will be the two new...

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Learnings from Slovenia, Basque Country & Sweden


Normandy chooses to adapt actions that were not already existing in the region...

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Energy efficient hospitals in Campania


Within CLEAN project, an integration of Regional Resolution has been made with...

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