Jorge Bandeira from University of Aveiro, Francisco Pocostales from Energy Agency of Extremadura and Bernardo Campos from the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (stakeholder and responsible of the policy instrument “PO Centro 2020” addressed by CISMOB) participated at the 1st Thematic Workshop “Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning: a challenging opportunity for cities and regions in Europe”. This workshop was organized by the Policy Learning Platform on Low-Carbon Economy. 

This workshop gathered in Brussels (June 26) several Interreg Europe project partners, Managing Authorities/Intermediate Bodies, platforms and the EC who are active in sustainable transport and are having knowledge of good and bad practices related to sustainable transport policy.  

The representatives of several INTERREG projects focused on sustainable mobility discussed among themselves and with experts on sustainable mobility policies, the implementation of their proposals, the main mobility problems in each region and the best tactics to involve and coordinate stakeholders.

Policy Learning Platforms are a new feature to Interreg Europe to open up the programme’s knowledge for the benefit of all the project partners and the whole community of regional policy stakeholders.