Project News

CISMOB Staff Exchange in Stockholm


The CISMOB Staff Exchange in Stockholm took place on the past 15th and 16th of...

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CISMOB Staff exchange in Evora


On the past 23rd of February, included in the framework of the CISMOB Staff...

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CISMOB members at the Lisbon MOBI Summit


On January 26th, Carlos Sampaio from the CISMOB team of University of Aveiro...

Type: Project

CISMOB paper in the world's largest transport event


The article "Can google Maps popular Times be an alternative source of...

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Meeting between CCDR-C and University of Aveiro


CISMOB’s University of Aveiro team met with representatives of the Centro...

Type: Project

Bilateral meeting in Águeda


Meeting to prepare the next main CISMOB Event of 7-9 March, 2018.

Type: Project

CISMOB @ RoboRAVE 2017, Badajoz


AGENEX - Agencia Extremeña de la Energía, one of CISMOB partners, participated...

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4th CISMOB Stakeholders Meeting (Spain)


The 4th CISMOB Stakeholders meeting in Spain occurred on the 23rd of November....

Type: Project

3rd Regional Stakeholder Meeting in Aveiro


The 3rd Regional Stakeholder Meeting took place in the University of Aveiro on...

Type: Project

Stakeholders Meetings in Extremadura, Spain


In June and September occurred two stakeholders meetings in Spain. Both meetings...

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The highlights of the 3rd Main CISMOB event


The 3rd main CISMOB event took place in Bucharest on 9-10 October and was...

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CISMOB - 4th Steering Group Meeting, in Romania


CISMOB Partners discussed results and execution of the project in the 4th...

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