The CHERISH Interregional Learning and Exchange of Experience Event (ILEEE) was planned in Palma (Mallorca, Spain) in 2020. Due to COVID-19 the event has been postponed to October 2021. It is organised by the CHERISH partner Consell de Mallorca – Sustainability and Environment Department. 

During this event, partners will discover several actions related to the safeguarding and promotion of the cultural heritage linked to fishing communities in Mallorca. The exchange of experiences will be focused on:

  • Designing, planning and management of hiking routes in coastal areas as sustainable and cultural tourism products, and discussing the best ways to include fishing communities’ heritage as a cultural resource in these routes.
  • Promoting traditional skills linked to the sea as a job opportunity: marine carpenter, lateen sailing navigation, etc.
  • Preserving cultural heritage by citizenship engagement.

The ILEEE will be a series of study visits including storytelling by the local fishing communities and other stakeholders linked to maritime and fishing cultural heritage which will be key elements.  

Participants will visit:

- Fishing cultural heritage assets in Port de Sóller (harbour, fish market, Museum of the Sea) guided by the local community (fishermen and local authorities). These assests will be points of interest for a future hiking route.  During the visit to the Museum of the Sea, the participatory process for the creation of the Mallorca Maritime Museum will be presented as a good practice. 

- The Consell de Mallorca’s shipbuilders workshop. The Maritime Heritage team of the Department of Sustainability and Environment will present their activities on recovering traditional wooden boats and their educational programme “Discover the Maritime Heritage” (good practice) to disseminate the whole traditional boat construction process to students. 

- The headquarter of fishermen guild of Palma as cultural heritage asset for a future cultural route. This visit will be a good opportunity to listen to opinions from fishermen and to know cultural assets related to this fishing community (fishing harbor, fish market, fishing techniques, traditional vessels…) 

- The Cala Gamba Yacht Club, located in Palma, has more than 20 years of experience promoting the lateen sailing navigation and traditional vessels (good practice). 

All initiatives will be peer reviewed by partners and stakeholders. 

As an optional activity, a visit to the Cuttlefish Fair (Fira de sa Sípia) is planned as well. This local fair is a three days event organized yearly during April by the Municipality of Alcúdia, and it is focused on a local fishing product. Food tasting based on cuttlefish recipes and other cultural activities like exhibitions, concerts, live demonstrations on traditional skills are usually organized within this event.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]