The second day of the 4th interregional event focused on site visits, identified as Good Practices of the South Muntenia Region.

BIOREGIO participants first visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pitesti, which has been rehabilitated under a project funded by the European Cohesion Fund, from the state and local budget and own contribution.

Here, sludges, local renewable sources, are used to obtain biogas through anaerobic digestion. The biogas is stored in 3 tanks with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters and it is used to generate energy through two moto-generators: the heat required to heat sludge fermentation tanks and electricity for their own consumption.


Wastewater Treatment Plant of Pitesti (photo by Katerina Medkova)

Then, the BIOREGIO partners and stakeholders were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Mioveni and other representatives of the SC Mioveni Community Building Services at the city hall. They introduced the city and the region, the public services offered to the citizens and the environmental projects that are currently being implemented in Mioveni. After that, BIOREGIO visited the second site.

Mioveni City Hall - BIOREGIO welcomed by the mayor of the city (photo by Nausica Popilian)

Wastewater Treatment Plant and composting Pilot Project Mioveni - - Pilot Center for the composting of sludge from the domestic sewage treatment process through GoreCover technology. The members of the BIOREGIO project got data and information on the technological and chemical process underlying the project implemented by S.Ed.C. at the Mioveni Wastewater Treatment Plant. Here is one of the most efficient and effective organic waste treatment solutions: aerobic digestion of sludge from the wastewater treatment plant mixed with green waste, in closed installations, with a semi-permeable aeration system and membrane ePTFE - GORE System ® Cover.

The compost obtained is used on its own corn experimental lot and it is tested in terms of efficacy and soil residue - studies conducted over 3 years.

BIOREGIO in wastewater Treatment Plant and composting Pilot Project Mioveni (photo by Katerina Medkova)

Priboieni Manure Platform - A rectangular platform, L x B = 32 x 28 m and 3,00 m height of the walls with a drainage system and a storage capacity of 2,000 ton/year of manure. It is used to recover manure from private households, turning it into compost used as fertilizer on farms and at the same time, to protect from leakage into groundwater.

Priboieni Manure Platform (photo by Nausica Popilian)

It was a very intensive day full of interesting discussion on bio-based circular economy solutions and possibilities.