The Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area (AC3A) has organized its 24th annual congress between 24-25 August 2017. Altogether, 60 delegates have taken part in this event. They were welcomed by Luc Servant, president of AC3A.  

The Congress has put the focus on three main themes: AC3A and its services to the Chambers of Agriculture, agricultural economy, as well as international relations and policies in the context of Brexit. In order to illustrate the many services that AC3A offers to Chambers of Agriculture, Pascal Dagron, the chief of mission of AC3A, has presented the BIOREGIO project and its aims to the delegates. Reducing bio-waste and enhancing its usage in agriculture (soils, food, feed, energy), is essential for sustainable future. The BIOREGIO project video prepared by LAMK was also viewed by the public.

Thanks to the presentation of the BIOREGIO project, this year’s congress was very successful in terms of transferring knowledge on a circular economy of biological streams.

For more information, visit our website here (in French) and here (in English).