Päijät-Häme Region, Finland

The implementation of the Päijät-Häme Bio-based Circular Economy Action Plan is proceeding through several ongoing projects. The main project implementing the action plan is “BIOSYKLI - Circular Bioeconomy in Päijät-Häme Region”, which work packages deal with all the actions. Currently, “Action 2. Pilots in biowaste collection and recovery” is a hot topic in the region, as a separate collection pilot for biowaste for detached house residents has started in the city of Lahti. Over 200 households are involved in the pilot and it has reached positive response in media. Also, “Action 3. Promoting the use of bioproducts and bioenergy” is currently actively promoted trough e.g. a circular economy laboratory, which is under construction at the university.

The Climate Action Roadmap of Päijät-Häme was approved by the regional board on October 12, 2020. Drafting of the roadmap was done in cooperation with regional stakeholders, and it included workshops with different themes. The aim of the region is to become carbon neutral by 2030. The roadmap includes concrete actions to reach carbon neutrality. Actions are gathered under seven themes: energy, traffic, circular economy, agriculture, forestry and land use, governance of climate issues in municipalities and adaptation and resilience to climate change. The roadmap work is part of the CANEMURE project, funded by Life-IP.