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Unveiling Partners and Regions – Tampere Region

By Project BEST DIH

Situated in the southwestern part of Finland, Tampere Region is the fastest growing and most attractive region in Finland, with a population of around 525,000 residents. Historically an industrial hub, Tampere Region has successfully transformed into a modern and diversified economy.

The region´s innovation landscape is defined by key clusters in information and communication technology (ICT), intelligent machines, and life sciences. The region´s universities and vocational colleges host close to 80 000 students and the region is a base for around 1300 ICT companies.

The region's knowledge-based development policy focuses on fostering innovation infrastructure, science hubs, and platform- and cluster-based strategies. Tampere Region has strategically embraced digital transformation as a key driver of economic growth and renewal. With a commitment to sustainable digitalization, Tampere region aims to position itself as a pioneer in the EU's Digital Decade and the green transition facilitated by digitalisation.

The Tampere Region Digital Compass reflects the region´s commitment to shaping the future of Finland's industrial and technological landscape through innovation and digitalization. The Tampere Region Digital Compass, aligned with EU and national guidelines, accelerates digital transformation through collaborative efforts, setting strategic goals to leverage regional strengths, foster sustained digital growth, and position Tampere as a leader in European digital expertise.

Sustainable Industry X (SIX) Manufacturing EDIH, a Tampere-based initiative with a national reach and international leverage, ensures the future competitiveness of manufacturing companies and maximum benefit of local, national, and European tools and know-how. SIX EDIH has been awarded with the Seal of Excellence which is a quality label granted by the European Commission.

The BEST DIH project offers Tampere Region an opportunity to tap into European DIH network and adopt good practices to enhance digital transformation.