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Project atWork4NEETs launched in Malta

By Project atWork4NEETs

Thanks to project atWork4NEETs, co-funded by Interreg Europe, seven European regions have now joined their forces to identify and exchange good practices to improve the available tools to facilitate young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) to access meaningful opportunities to improve their skills and find suitable jobs.

atWork4NEETs was launched on June 14th and 15th 2023 in Gozo, Malta: the event was hosted by the lead partner Jobsplus Malta, an employment agency renowned for its commitment to inclusive employment practices.

the atWork4NEETs project will leverage the expertise and insights of partners such as Anci Toscana, Ministries and Employment Service Agencies from Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Lithuania. Providing invaluable guidance and oversight throughout the project, the Region of Tuscany in Italy will assume the role of Associated Policy Authority. 

Each partner will conduct an analysis on the NEETs’ conditions and policies in its region and discuss possible solutions to enhance them with their relevant stakeholders. The discussion’s findings will be then shared among project partners, turned into a list of policy recommendations and used as a reference to actually improve the current tools to support NEETs at regional level.

After the partners’ tour de table, to introduce and deepen the topic of the project, the kickoff event continued with some presentations and discussions about NEETs, the Youth Guarantee scheme, young people’s socio-economic rights and the future of work

Pirkko Pyörälä (Policy Officer Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion - European Commission), Micheal Mwasikakata (Head, Labour Market Services for Transitions Unit - International Labour Organization) and Mark McNulty (Board Member - European Youth Forum) were just few among the experts who contributed to the discussion.

The atWork4NEETs project aims to implement impactful policy changes that pave the way for an active and promising future for young people throughout Europe. Through the atWork4NEETs, we will empower youth, enabling them to surmount challenges and contribute positively to society.

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