Project good practices

Wind energy service unit and quality label in Thuringia

Summary: Support actions for citizens, municipalities and developers

Location: Thüringen, Germany (Deutschland)

Tax cuts for a wind farm expansion

Summary: A measure promoting local co-benefits of renewable energy

Location: Sardegna, Italy (Italia)

Multi-criteria decision aiding to improve participation in...

Summary: A tool to support decision-making in energy infrastructures projects

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

Bioenergy Plant

Summary: A Bioenergy Plant which will manage the waste of poultry livestock and farming. In this way it will benefit the enviroment using RES

Location: Ήπειρος, Greece (Ελλαδα)

PV plant as an education facility

Summary: PV plant as a renewable energy education facility for school students

Location: Ήπειρος, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Bioclimatic Habitations

Summary: A group of passive houses constructed in order to provide a healthy living reducing energy consumption and to promote RES in the city

Location: Ήπειρος, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Information workshops on RES subsidies

Summary: Dissemination on subsidies for renewable energy and support to beneficiaries.

Location: Castilla y León, Spain (España)

A professional fair in the biomass sector

Summary: An International fair and congress for showcasing biomass technologies and application running from 2006

Location: Castilla y León, Spain (España)

An innovate public-private partnership consortium for a biomass...

Summary: Castilla y León region designed a favorable frame for attracting promoters` investment for installing a 50 MWe biomass plant, in an closed coal mining area

Location: Castilla y León, Spain (España)

The Language of the nose - School of odour

Summary: This sensory method allows the odours monitoring using the human nose. Residents, staff, experts learn and follow odours emitted from economic activities.

Location: Haute-Normandie, France

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