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AgroRES partners planned project's next steps


AgroRES project's partners held an online meeting to track the project's...

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Transport & livestock top emitters in Extremadura


Transport and livestock account for more than 50% of polluting emissions in...

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Untapped potential of biomass energy in Romania


Romania's most potential resource for green energy production is biomass. Still,...

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Site Visit to Polecat Springs GWS


At the end of August, AgroRES organised a site visit to Polecat Springs Water...

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More RES funds for Lubelskie, Poland


More EU funds are allocated for renewable energy investments in Poland.

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Green energy to become more accessible in Romania


Largest energy supplier in Romania aims to make green energy accessible to all...

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RES and energy efficiency discussed in Lazio region


A webinar, organised by ARSIAL with the support of FIDAF, discussed renewable...

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Small Scale Renewable Electricity projects


A recording of the webinar organised by IT Sligo is now available on Youtube.

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Identifying and sharing good practices


During the last six months, AgroRES partners have collected and searched for...

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Solutions to produce clean energy from biomass


AgroRES project's stakeholder, Wieser Consult, offers solutions to obtain energy...

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Energy Independent Farm


Cornish company demonstrating ways to realise an energy independent farm

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AgroRES stakeholders met virtually in North Karelia


Regional stakeholders of North Karelia met for the 2nd time on 4th June 2020.

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