Project good practices


Summary: It is a working group set up which makes contributions regarding care legislation, regulations and projects affecting the older people of Bizkaia.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)


Summary: PERSSILAA is a multimodal service model to prevent frailty with a multidimensional approach in community dwelling older adults

Location: Campania, Italy (Italia)

Serious Games to promote Health and wellbeing

Summary: Serious Games developed in Android O.S. to improve the quality of life of the elderly, trying to improve their independency at home.

Location: País Vasco, Portugal

Comunità alloggio “FACCIAMOCI COMPAGNIA” Co-Housing “Let’s stay...

Summary: Co-housing project that aims to improve the quality of life of older people by promoting being together.

Location: Campania, Italy (Italia)

Core collaborative components between projects

Summary: On review of successful initiatives completed in the Louth region, there are a set of core collaborative components that reappear repeatedly.

Location: Border, Midland and Western, Ireland (Éire)


Summary: Goal of the project is to enable senior citizens, to stay as long as possible in their living environment.

Location: Hamburg, Germany (Deutschland)

[email protected]

Summary: [email protected] is focused on defining strategies and pursuing actions towards the implementation of innovative successful practices on AHA.

Location: Centro (PT), Portugal

Summary: ITALY.TELEREVALIDATIE.NL is a platform for promoting physical activity to patients with chronic diseases and older adults.

Location: Campania, Italy (Italia)

WHO's Global Age-Friendly Cities Project.

Summary: The practice aims to promote social participation based on the Active Ageing paradigm proposed by the WHO.

Location: País Vasco, Spain (España)


Summary: HomeTab is a tablet-like device which allows professional care service documentation as well as managing alarms, food orders etc.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

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