Project News

ALICE's Upcoming Whitepaper


Coming this fall: a full set of solutions for a strong, competitive and...

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The Wonderland: An Exclusive Collaboration Zone


ALICE presents its new tools for a strong animation network and co-development...

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Getting A Clear Picture of the European Animation


ALICE's new mapping methodology is now available for use, anywhere in Europe.

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Upcoming panel on ALICE initial achievements


ALICE to present selected proposals at Annecy International Animation Film...

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Reanimating connection with physical distancing


Wallimage uses video to unite animation industries across Europe around the...

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Repeating communication practices that work


Pictanovo learns from ALICE how to better communicate with gaming companies.

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A shared language to spot & nurture European talents


Creating European training programs in animation based on a common understanding...

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What can we do with European funds?


Animation producer Pablo Jordi calls on his peers to push for a reform of the...

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Collaborative leadership drives high-end event


PROA focuses on effective collaboration to offer an outstanding debate of...

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Public- private creative partnership in practice


The Ministry of Culture of Slovakia strengthens its links with the animation...

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Mapping a whole industry


PROA presents a new methodology providing a 360-degree picture of the animation...

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Workforce training: lessons learned


An update on ALICE's progress on training the future talent in animation.

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