Day 2   


6. Project update, reporting activities of the third semester, deadlines-LEASP   

Day two started with the presentation about the reporting activities and financial issues. Lead partner has warned partners to fallow the spending plan as much as possible. If the spending plan is not meet it could happened that part of the ERDF fund will be lost because of the decommitment rule.    

Lead partner had pointed out main mistake that have occurred during the second report and FLC reporting in to the online system – iOLF. Partners have been encouraged to start preparing their first level reports as soon as possible, so there will be no delays.   

Next presentation was about the detailed work plan for upcoming semester and detailed description of the upcoming semester. Start of the semester 4 is 1st of October 2017, by this date all of the activities from previous semester has to be completed:   

- Activities from semester 1 and 2,   

- Study on technology options,  

- Thematic seminar,  

- Translation of common study and publishing on each partners website,   

- Dissemination of Newsletters,   

- Translation of Leaflets (Because of the delay with the designing of leaflets, it was agreed that the leaflets have to be printed at the beginning of October).   

Activities of semester 4:   

- Identification of the second good practice example (before the end of January 2018),  

- Collection of good practice examples – good practice guide (at the beginning of February),  

- Translation of good practice guide (February 2018),   

- Action plan (before the end of February 2018),   

- Market need report (before the end of February 2018),   

- Meeting with stakeholders,   

- Study visit with PP meeting in Finland (beginning of February 2018),   

- Joint event on energy efficiency in Sevilla, Spain (17 -18 October 2017),   

- International conference in Slovenia (foreseen in first/second week of March 2018),   

- Press release (prepared by EIFI and translated by partners),    

- Final Newsletter (each partner before the final conference),   

- Final Leaflets for the conference,  

- Policy briefings in the presence of media (at the end of semester 4),   

- Article – each partner,   

- Updating Interreg EU ZEROCO2 website with latest news, information, …   

- Updating organizations website with latest news, information, …   

- Regularly updating Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter profiles with invitations to the invents, pictures, news, …   

- Project partners meeting in Finland (expected in March 2018),   

- Preparation and submission of financial and technical progress reports,   

- Monitoring of expenses incurred in the Semester,   

- Day-to-day management,  

- Report any deviation from the work plan to LP.     

7. Detailed partner presentations of plans for the forth semester 

All of the partners have prepared a short presentation about their forthcoming activities including the action plan activities they will include in the final action plan.   

8. Communication and dissemination activities    

The last presentation was about the communication and dissemination activities prepared by communication manager Ben Daumiller (EIFI). He has raised some concerns about the use of LIN-A and have encourage partners to upload all relevant documents and to check the LIN-A on a daily basis.       


The parallel round table for stakeholder was moderated by Chris Ash from EIFI. Stakeholders were invited to give some recommendations with regard to the action plan.  

Following recommendations were made:  

  • Baseline study

  • Explanation of ERDF funds & argument for    

• Good for region environmentally & economically  

  • Obstacles & Barriers (especially financial)  

  • Behavioral change  

• Political awareness   

• Bottom up process    

• Cultural barriers   

• Address regional operational plan 

• Measurable amount of C02 reduction from action plans – either by % or tons, needs a consistent approach   

• Influence decision makers, make connection  

  • Definition – possible change of name from ZEROC02 – make the benefits clearer, especially to the end consumer    

• Regional regulation policy change “new strategy” cross purpose polices (i.e. one change influences another e.g. reduction of CO2 can have health benefits in addition to environmental  

• Demonstrations show good use of ERDF funds   

• Popular showing clear benefits      

The meeting ended with a Lunch for project partner and stakeholders.