The first day will focused on presentation of the PEAR (Piano Energetico Ambientale Regionale) to all the partners, presentation and sharing the results of Regional Policy Report, discussion about best practices, experiences’ exchange among Project Partners and stakeholders and visit to sites of interest. The Molise Region wants to improve and encourage the use of renewable sources within its territory, through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, with the axis 4 "SUSTAINABLE ENERGY", whose thematic objective is "Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy in all sectors". The achievement of this objective is pursued through the priority 4.c: "Supporting energy efficiency, intelligent energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure, including public buildings, and in the housing sector", specific action 4.1., that is one of the pillars of the regional objectives dedicated to the sustainability of energy-intensive processes. The concept of this International meeting is to define near zero CO2 emission buildings due to energy use (NZCO2EB) and present the various benefits which result from this type of building, try to design state-of-the art policies, which will aim at promoting NZCO2EB at the local, regional and national level so to promote cooperation between Partners and stakeholders.