The 5th project meeting is to be held in Lapua, Finland in February 2018.

The two day event will include interesting study visits, opportunities to discuss the topics addressed by ZEROCO2 project,  the project steering group meeting, learning about Finnish history and culture, and of course the possibility to enjoy a traditional Sauna.    

Anneli Jäätteenmäki, MEP, from Lapua will join our meeting for a short session on the second day of the event.    

The event will end with a policy briefing, during which policy recommendations and findings will be handed to MEP Jäätteenmäki, and other local and regional authorities.  

Agenda:  Thursday 22.2.2017


9:00 - 9:30


Registration and coffee


Thermopolis /Lapua City

Project update

Presentation of chosen Good practices (1-2 per region) and -market need reports.

Presentation from French Stakeholder

All regions/partners

Discussion if time permitting ...

12:00 - 13:00     


Presentation of Action plans,

Discussion and preparing to next day

All regions/partners
Coffee Break

Discussion of presentations


Site visits 

Evening meal 


Please note: This Agenda is a draft.

Friday 23.2.2017  Steering group meeting


parallel events

Project meeting - Preparing for good practice and action plan presentations in Slovenia

Stakeholder discussion

Discussion of ZEROCO2 Policy issues with MEP Anneli Jäätteenmäki
All partners

Policy briefing

Coffee and end of event

Travel Information 

I guess that some of you are worried about the long travel days and catching the train from Helsinki to Lapua. Please check the train connections from Helsinki airport to Seinäjoki as well. We will definitely organize pick-ups from Seinäjoki for all who cannot find a suitable connection to Lapua or would have to wait for a long time in Seinäjoki for the train to Lapua. Its only 25-30 minutes from Lapua to Seinäjoki by car. We are preparing a registration form on which you can specifically state the need for a pick-up from Seinäjoki. 

We will also organise for drop-offs to Seinäjoki on returning dates. 

Please note: They do not sell tickets aboard the local trains (the train you’ll take from the airport to tikkurila). You can buy a ticket from the ticket machines located on the platforms and inside the airport. If the train from tikkurila to seinäjoki is not fully booked you can buy the ticket all the way to Seinäjoki. If there are no more seats available on the train from Tikkurila to Seinäjoki (this happens especially on evening trains), then buy a local train ticket from the airport to tikkurila. In Tikkurila Jump on the next train to Seinäjoki and make your way to the restaurant car. You can buy a ticket on the long distance trains. (strange isn’t it, that some trains sell tickets while others don’t.)

Thermopolis /Lapua CityThermopolis /Lapua City