The WINPOL partners are getting ready for the third and last Thematic Seminar which will deal with "Different Models for Waste Generation Fees". For this, they will attend and recommend a mirror group seminar about pay as you throw (PAYT) and know as you throw (KAYT) which will take place on 19 Februay 2020 from 10:00 to 16:30.

Organised by ACR+ in the framework of the LIFE REthinkWASTE project – which explores how to design municipal tariff systems in order to improve waste governance – the seminar will give participants an opportunity to learn about 10 noteworthy cases in PAYT and KAYT that have been carried out in recent years across Europe, in cities like Berlin, Bergamo, Miglianico, Lousada, etc.

The event will be take place in Brussels and will be streamed live at this link.

Download the full agenda here.

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Photo by Patricia Valério on Unsplash