Are you fluent in Slovenian?

Then you will enjoy reading about WINPOL in Embalaža Okolje Logistika (EOL). The magazine, specialized for news on sustainable development in Slovenia dedicated one article of its October issue to the actions that will be implemented in Maribor. The article focuses on the underground collection points that Snaga will install as part of its Action Plan. During the WINPOL's identified good practices Snaga realized that it is reasonable to implement an underground system in the city center and semi-underground system in the areas of multi-apartment buildings, tourist locations, cemeteries, etc. The purpose of the action is to improve the system of collection of separate fractions and mixed municipal waste in the urban center, more precisely in the city center of Maribor, and by removing aboveground containers in the old city center to contribute to urban and user-friendly municipal infrastructure for waste collection.

Read the full article in the magazine here (page 17) or have a look at the online version of it.