In a first phase, Partners focused on assessing their own region current status of water-linked cultural heritage valorization, on the basis of a joint "Methodology for Regional Status-Quo and Good Practice identification".

Now it is time for the fundamental project's interregional learning process and this will be done through Interregional Knowledge Exchange Sessions (IKES) during which all Partners will engage into a process of knowledge exchange, based on their Regional Status-Quo documents and identified Good Practices. Each IKES will last 3 days.

The first one will be hosted in Aarhus (Denmark) from 8th to 11th June 2020.

During IKES in Aarhus it is foreseen in-depth discussions in the form of workshops as well as site-visits to identified good-practice sites, based on a "Guidelines for knowledge transfer" defined by Delft University of Technology (NL).

Aarhus IKES will exploit inputs also coming from the first LSG meetings already organised in each participating region.

Next steps:

After the IKES it is foreseen the carrying out of Sinergy Sessions held in each Partner premises, in order to ensure individual and organisational level learning as well and, most important, the start of Action Planning of Policy development/influence at each own regional level.