The 5th international VIOLET partner meeting and interregional exchange event was held in the Municipality of Middelburg on the 13th -15th of May. The main topic of the meeting was on regional action plans and regional activities.  

Those present at the partner meeting in the Netherlands were all VIOLET partners, plus some international stakeholders and monument owners with inspiring examples as to how to make a monument more energy efficient.  

On the 13th of May, only VIOLET partners and stakeholders from Romania and the Netherlands met for their interregional staff exchange event. Such knowledge transfer meetings take place in each partner region and are separate from general partner and stakeholder meetings.  

The main VIOLET partner meeting and study visit took place on the 14th and 15th of May. During the main VIOLET partner meeting, presentations on innovative ways to make heritage buildings more energy efficient without damaging the historic values were conducted. VIOLET project leader of the Municipality of Middelburg, Annet Hannewijk, also presented the free and easy energy efficiency permit procedure of the Municipality, the Monument Passport – a comprehensive report with the specific energy efficiency measures that owners of heritage buildings can take. Additionally, Dutch stakeholders presented their work conducted in Middelburg on making heritage buildings more energy efficient. A highlight of these presentations was that of Bernard Vercouteren, who demonstrated how students did research with blower door tests in historic buildings. 

One Dutch stakeholder, Dennis Plandsoen, demonstrating a new insulating foil for single glass at the 5th VIOLET partner meeting in Middelburg, NL. 

A main aspect of the international partner meeting was the discussion of the regional action plans. VIOLET partners presented their work they have done with their Action Plans plus any regional activities conducted in the past months. 

On the 14th of May, Martijn de Gier presented a new and innovative way to make heritage buildings more energy efficient to the VIOLET partnership. 

On the final day of the meeting and international exchange event, the international partnership and stakeholders attended study visits to historic Middelburg monuments to learn from the Dutch method of enabling energy efficiency renovations in heritage buildings.

VIOLET partners visited the first Passive House norm monuments in the Netherlands (est. 2011). 

Following a visit to the first Passive House building in the Netherlands, VIOLET partners went to explore the ‘’Oostkerk’’, a historic church now in use as a multifunctional centre, theatre, music, congress, etc. The partnership was informed about the difficulties to save energy in this building and the ideas of making it more energy efficient.

The 5th international VIOLET partner meeting concluded with insightful study visits to the Zeeland Archive, located in a historic city palace. Here, the partnership was told about the plans for a large solar roof.

Overall, the 5th international VIOLET partner meeting and interregional exchange event was a success, as there was plenty of knowledge transfer, brainstorming, networking and even a little of fun to be had. 

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