On the occasion of the global phenomenon of Climate Change, Cyprus Energy Agency, in cooperation with the Energy Service of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, organised the conference: 

"Policies and Recommendations for Energy Saving | Energy Management - Energy Efficiency - Local Action Plans"

The conference, which was combined with the project’s 2nd WISE Event, was held on Friday, the 5th of April, at the Strovolos Cultural Center.

Its aim was to inform and raise awareness among stakeholders about the importance of energy efficiency and energy management. This is because the energy efficiency of buildings contributes directly and indirectly to saving energy and natural resources, as well as mitigating and adapting to climate change. 

Through the presentations that took place during the conference, participants were informed about topics related to energy upgrades, RES exploitation and energy saving practices, which will lead closer to the national 2020 targets and set the ground for the 2030’s targets. Also, the conference highlighted the role of Local Government in Climate Change, the challenges it faces, and the opportunities presented. 


Addressing VIOLET’S objectives, Good Practises regarding the Restoration of Historic Buildings with energy efficient criteria, were presented and the suggestions from the VIOLET’S Action Plan for Cyprus were discussed.

An important discussion took place after the presentation about the possibilities of changing the current policy in regards the energy interventions in historic buildings. The majority of the participants were in favour of the suggestions made through the project. 

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