The meeting was an opportunity to make a first step toward staff exchange. Regarding the objectives of VIOLET it was interesting to exchange between an Energy Agency and a Regional Authority on respective questions on how to implement their action plan. The two entities have different leverage and weaknesses. 

For ALEC (Agency of Local Energy and Climate) it helped to understand how the Region can improve its policy in addition to what have been foreseen already, e.g. the amount that the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region have already assigned to traditional buildings in its call for renovation projects can be increased. This would help the implementation of exemplary renovations in traditional buildings. 

Some other leads could be assessed as the tax allocation that could be lower in patrimonial except when there is no refurbishment. Even if the two territories are diametrically opposed from a geographical and economic point of view, the discussion showed that the European policy conducted so far makes it possible to exchange on common bases, thanks to common tools such as operational programmes, the deployment of local energy agencies and various tools for energy policies in particular. 

The meeting was also an opportunity for ALEC to give details on the Energy Renovation platform set up by the Bordeaux metropolis as a one-stop shop for citizens.