VIOLET 2nd Semester Community of Practice Meetings – Overall Summary

(Each partners individual CoP Summary's can be viewed in the Library Project Documentation folder)

The 2nd Community of Practice meetings of all partners of the Interreg Europe Project VIOLET have taken place during the projects second semester months, from September to December in 2017.

The partners and stakeholders discussed the next steps that will be taken to achieve the project goals in the field of energy efficiency in historic buildings. 

Each partner developed specific measures to reach and engage owners of traditional and historic buildings into the process to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings. The strategies vary from active face to face acquirement to newsletters and training events for building owners. 

Furthermore, the progress up to now was measured and validated; early adaptions of photovoltaic to historic buildings show quick results and boost the motivation of building owners to participate in the program. In this context, partners derived the communication of best practices and success stories independently as an important success factor for upcoming actions. 

Each partner developed an action plan for the upcoming weeks, some considered to continue with the VIOLET meetings even after the project finishes, due to the already achieved and expected success of the program. 

In the following months, we will see the results of early actions and a high participation of historic building owners, as the VIOLET programme is expecting.