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Meeting Makers


UrbanM caught up with Lisbon maker about how she turned her making into a...

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Urban M debates on future of making in the EU


Find out what our Urban M project manager discovered at European Maker Week...

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Birmingham's innovation eco-system toured by experts


Urban M project partners visited Birmingham as part of a STEAM policy clinic.

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Makerspaces and the economy - an expert viewpoint


Executive Officer for Innovation at GBSLEP shares his hopes for what UrbanM can...

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Urban Manufacturing Renaissance - Experts visit


Delegates from across Europe are to be welcomed in Birmingham this week with...

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Slovenian co-working centre - KOVAČNICA - part two


KOVAČNICA continued, Jelena Vidović went to talk about makerspaces to the...

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Slovenian co-working centre - KOVAČNICA - part one


Jelena Vidović went to talk about makerspaces to KOVAČNICA, lead by BSC Kranj,...

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Lessons from Zagreb - a year into Urban M


One year into Urban M, Heather Law, Birmingham City Council, reflects on the...

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Lisbon maker space community builds links


Bridges were built in the first stakeholder meeting to achieve an understanding...

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Making Spaces: The round-up


Birmingham City University's Laura Veart shares an updates of October's...

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City projects to keep your eyes on by Law


European Programmes Officer at Birmingham City Council, shares her thoughts and...

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Birmingham welcomes European partners


The first event for the Urban M project saw project leaders from across Europe...

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