The UpGradeSME partnership met in May 2016 in Budapest to launch the cooperation under UpGradeSME international project. Under the coordination of the Lead Partner Pannon Business Network a very impressive two-day work shop has been realized with the active interaction of the Project partners, some of the Managing Authorities and invited Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises as 'live' case studies of the SME internationalization practices of Hungary. It was a great experience how dynamic the entire partnership acted.  

The participants could get familiar with the selected policy instruments for SME internationalization and could start their detailed analysis by interactive working groups. The partnership also organized an interactive peer review of the Hungarian policy instrument where the Hungarian Managing Authority provided the detailed presentation of the instrument and the invited Hungarian beneficiaries could provide their 1st reflections. It was followed by a group discussion of Managing Authorities, international partners, the Hungarian ministry and the local businesses. The procedure was closed by tangible recommendations for the local instrument improvement.  

The partners were really motivated and the two days were very intensive. The partners agreed that the project will reach a real change, and it is extremely motivating for all of them.

Facebook album of the UpGradeSME kick-off meeting

More information:

Ms Andrea Kurucz, Project manager, Pannon Business Network, [email protected]