Project good practices

BernePark - A sewage water treatment site turned into a park

Summary: Internationally renowned artists and landscapes architects (e.g. Piet Oudolf) transformed the previously inaccessible sewage treatment plant into a unique park.

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany (Deutschland)

The Landscape Laboratory

Summary: The Lab shows over 100 examples for forest and meadow habitats on former cultivated land to create various recreational values at the urban fringe.

Location: Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)

The Water Kingdom, Biosphere reserve

Summary: Water Kingdom is an enhanced nature reserve adjacent to the city centre. The visitor centre offers educational tools and is a driver for local tourism.

Location: Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)

The Health Garden

Summary: A new health garden has been installed into a traditional inner-city park and is managed by the city administration

Location: Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)

Area Project "NATURAL PLOTS"

Summary: This landscape design project creates new pathes between seperated sections of a city and promotes local plants, traditional agriculture and sustainable tourism

Location: Umbria, Italy (Italia)

The vegetable gardens of St. Peter (Perugia-Italy): the rebirth...

Summary: A participatory, community project that established an urban gardening project offering a number of health care services on an abandoned university area.

Location: Umbria, Italy (Italia)

Participatory photography workshop

Summary: Based on photography as an educational tool young people were involved in a participatory planning process on new uses and functions of public spaces

Location: Umbria, Italy (Italia)

Garzweiler - Recultivation of open cast mining

Summary: The recultivation of the huge mining area Garzweiler is based on a joint vision for regional development and new approaches for planning processes

Location: Arnsberg, Germany (Deutschland)

Nordpark Pulheim - An urban invitation into the landscape

Summary: Nordpark Pulheim is a prototype for a park that opens a city into the landscape. It offers new use forms for the citizens while enhancing biodiversity.

Location: Köln, Germany (Deutschland)

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