On 7 November in Rimini at ECOMONDO, the largest green economy fair in Italy, two Actions of TRIS Action Plan of Emilia-Romagna were promoted. In the event "Circular economy good practices: panel of the Italian circular economy stakeholders platform (ICESP)" took place. ICESP is the Italian Circular Economy Stakeholders Platform and the Region participation to ICESP is included in the Regional Action plan of TRIS developed by Emilia-Romagna. Born in 2018, ICESP is aimed at promoting the dissemination of Circular Economy knowledge at the Italian level. Starting from the traditions and typical issues of Italy, ICESP has started a process to spread the Italian excellence and the Italian way of doing circular economy. The panel presented success stories and best practices of Circular economy with the purpose to encourage their integration, to foster the dialogue and the identification of possible synergies. The conference also hosted representatives of mirror platforms of Romania and Austria in order to share experiences and encourage the systemic approach for the transition to circular economy. Also on November 7, the results of SUN, Symbiosis Users Network, analysis of industrial symbiosis actions within regional policy programmes (e.g. regional Smart Specialisation Strategy – S3), coordinated by ART-ER were presented at the conference “Good practices of industrial symbiosis in Italy and the contribution of regional policies as a strategic lever”. The analysis showed that only in two Italian regions, namely Emilia-Romagna and Lazio, industrial symbiosis is explicitely included amongst S3 priorites; nevertheless the awareness on industrial symbiosis is growing and may lead to the inclusion of IS in new regional programmes.