More than 6300 visitors and about 180 delegates from 9 countries participating in the B2B sessions.

Firstly, TRIS was presented by the Emilia-Romagna Region at the “Italian platform of Circular Economy stakeholders” workshop organized by ENEA, member of Emilia-Romagna TRIS IS Lab. The workshop was attended by 39 participants, aimed at connecting Italian businesses operating in the Circular Economy field and promoting a network of good practices in Italy.

Secondly, the conference “European circular economy action plan: from regulatory challenges to innovation opportunities” explored the needs generated by the compelling targets within the priority sectors of the Action Plan (plastic, biowaste, food waste, WEE, and construction and demolition waste). After Interreg TRIS and its objectives were introduced, key national stakeholders in the above mentioned specific fields of the Action Plan and shared their point of view. The conference, with 60 attendees, was concluded by “Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency Public Private Partnership (SPIRE PPP)”: industrial symbiosis has been identified by the SPIRE PPP as one of the solutions to be addressed to achieve more efficient processing, resource and energy efficient systems for the process industry.

Finally, TRIS partners in Emilia-Romagna organized the vision conference “Chemistry4Innovation” on the chemical sector as an innovation enabler for a whole other set of productive sectors from the perspective of industrial symbiosis. The conference, with 34 participants, was opened by the Regional Councilor for Productive Activities of Emilia-Romagna. After Yara, investing in a greener technology for its Ravenna plant, the discussion explored the innovation opportunities within the traditional chemical sector. In the second session, spotlight on Bio-On was introduced, who recently opened an industrial plant for PHA production from biomass byproducts in Emilia-Romagna. Italian Agrofood and Green chemistry National Clusters representatives, together with the national representative of Public Private Partnership Biobased Industry (PPP BBI JU) illustrated their visions and the opportunities for Europe within the circular bioeconomy space.