KLM claim to be a forerunner among aviation companies when it comes to green fuel, recycling and sustainable work in general. Växjö City has been newly rewarded with EUROPEAN Green Leaf, and is one of the owners of Smaland Airport. Mattias Goldman representing FORES, organised an interesting seminar. 

Discussions were explored around the possibility of producing jet fuel from forest residues. Today all green jet fuels are imported from California (made from food waste).

Technology in existence, was presented by Luleå University and explained how regional knowledge is also in place represented by SÖDRA. An established organisation, already producing large quantities of forest, pulp and wood products for green fuel.

Investments for a large scale production facility is very high, however, policies are not in place to support this new technology.

The event was completed with KLM flying their first flight from Växjö to Amsterdam. This was the first plane leaving Smaland Airport run by green jet fuel.