Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia organized 2nd Local Stakeholder group meeting for TRINNO project in Litija, Slovenia on 7th February 2017. 

10 stakeholders from all four spheres – University, public sphere, private sphere and civil society partcipated. The aim of the second workshop with stakeholders was to upgrade the review of the innovation ecosystem in Slovenia with concrete proposals to support businesses in various stages of development - from the stand-up to the mature phase. The focus was on understanding the key elements and tools that enable the creation of such an innovation ecosystem that will include and promote existing good practice and are supported with financial and other instruments which are vital to the development of innovative potential and internationalization. 

TRINNO project manager Anita Molka started the meeting with the presentation of the Galway Business Ecosystem and afterwards participants compared the good practice with Slovenia and pointed out some reccomendations. There was a moderated discussion with group work on the topics:

  • Innovation ecosystems – evaluation of foreign practices through the prism of Slovenia;
  • From the »Stand Up« to Mature« - identifying key support instruments for the development of innovative entrepreneurshop;
  • Broad supportive environment – building of Business support Ecosystem. Participants created a participatory map of "optimal" ecosystem to support innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on specific elements that are cricital.

Participants were divided into three groups, where they determined which are the most important support services for each stage of company development and how well each phase covers services in Slovenia. They all had similar opinion that start-up phase is the most supported, , while other phases still do not provide enough support.  

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia also presented on-line consultation and invited stakeholders to fill in the questionnaires and to share it through their channels.