Projects’ consortium gathered for Fifth Interregional Learning Event in Slovenia, Kamnik Municipality. Hosting partner Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia organised the meeting in the premises of KIKštarter, co-working entrepreneurship center, incubator and important stakeholder in TRINNO project. Between 18-19 April 2018 partners addressed important topics of improvements and updates of Action Plans that were discussed during peer reviewing interactive sessions in order to allow comments and real time exchanges. Partners from Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Spain and Slovenia will work on further updates to finalize the regional Action Plans by October 2018

This meeting also gave an important opportunity to connect the TRINNO goals and objectives with some interregional experiences from Spain and Finland. TRINNO partners, stakeholders and representatives from the local business ecosystem of the Heart of Slovenia had a valuable opportunity to get acquaintance with Bergueda county case study. Eduard Barcons, Bergueda County Manager and Rosa Pujols from Cercs-Bergueda Consortium for Training ad Projects addressed the case of how a smart rural agenda can boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Another valuable opportunity for the consortium was to hear from Christine Chang from Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, presenting Interreg Project iEER for boosting innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem for young entrepreneurs, where 10 regions came together to build better services and regional policies in support of startups.

Connecting with other European projects and listening to good practices gave a perfect overview of how far TRINNO project has already come, but also offered a great opportunity to make clear future steps towards final deliverables. In the next phase of TRINNO project, consortium of partners will have the opportunity to invite local or national stakeholders to staff exchanges to Ireland, Spain and Italy. Exchanges will be organized between July and September 2018 and will offer a great opportunity to visit those practices that are of great interest for individual stakeholder to learn and adapt good practices to national and local environments.

Project consortium will next gather for Sixth Interregional meeting in County Roscommon, Ireland in October 2018, where meeting will be hosted by Northern and Western Regional Assembly (NWRA).

Partners' consortium

Interregional Workshop (action plans - peer review) to help partners to improve and finalise the developed Draft Action Plans.